Important Blog For Startups and Small Businesses

More and More businesses are flourishing online world. Whether it’s about selling shoes or booking taxi through app, mobile commerce has made everything doable with just few swipes. There are various business models for different company. For e.g.  Uber has unique business model for on-demand taxi booking services. Inspired by Uber there is a Uber for X model that Startups and small business take inspiration from.

Here a interesting article if you seeking Uber for X Startup.

Another interesting business model is deploy ready made clone scripts for your startup. Clone scripts for Uber , Clone scripts for Amazon are easily available online with leading Clone scripts development company.

If you want to make bespoke Web Application for your small business or start up then you need to make sure the developer with whom you are going to work.

If you want to setup eCommerce store then You should read this blog about the things that you need to keep in mind regarding Setting up eCommerce store.  How to set up eCommerce Store and generate sales ?

If startup or Small business are looking to develop online food ordering or hotel booking app then This Alphanso Tech blog can help then in a great way. Mobile has changed the way we do business with customers, associates and partners.

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Important Blog For Mobile App Developers

Nowadays Small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs are focusing more on Mobile First approach. It is really important for mobile app developers to provide users latest and Sleek application. Here are Top 10 Ways to Avoid Rejection of iOS app from App Store.

Use of mobile and mobile app is increasing rapidly. According to leading analytic firm Statista, Apple app store has 1.5 million active app and Google play store has 1.6 million apps. Security of the app and data is important element in app developer. Here are Secret Techniques to improve data protection in mobile app. Here are secret techniques to improve data protection in mobile app.

Tiny BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or iBeacon can aid iOS app and it can be helpful to track data, physical location and send push notification. Google has  developed open source communication protocol called Eddystone. Here are 10 Awesome Ways iBeacon app can help you excel in Business.

Mobile has very small screen size. Due to this user has very less attention spas on mobile app, therefor UI and UX design must give sleek and smooth User experience and User Interface. Mobile app developer should design the interface that is easy to understand by novice users. Here is How to Create Awesome Mobile App Design.



Important Blog for PHP Developers

PHP development has gone through a lot of changes and modifications recently. Changes are good to accommodate advance coding practice. Many web developers and designer claimed that there is nothing new in new version of PHP7. But recent release of PHP7 in November 2015 has put all the speculation in rest.

It’s is important that web developers follow good coding practice to produce great software and applications. Good coding practice is also helpful in team collaboration. If team is working on a project or module if they follow uniform pattern of coding then project overhead can be avoided.

PHP7 which has been released last year has many upgrades in terms of performance. Now PHP Developers can avoid certain practice and habit so that they can produce best possible outcome which coding.

Use Agile Development

User agile software development method to development of software. Divide whole project into modules and modules into small iterative sub-modules. Critical risks are avoided by following agile software development methods. Testing and Iterations are continuous project of project development.

Clean Coding Practice

Almost all the programming languages promote clean coding practices.


When you write a code it is always a good practice to use commenting. It make your code more readable for other developers. Therefore blog commenting is to be used for greater clarity and

Consistent Indentation

Indentation is also used to make code more human readable. Whatever indentation you like, be consistent in that throughout the project.

Use Component based Architecture

  • Using components permits reuse
  • Choice of thousands of commercially available components
  • Promotes clean division of work among teams of developers

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How to Design Smart UI for Small Business Website ?

Most of Small Business and Startup Struggle with User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) Design.

Designing UI and UX are important to get conversion that you are hoping for your website.

With good UI design you can increase your conversion by almost 100%. Yes , You can almost double your conversion with smart UI that your customer will like and convert.

Today, we live in a world that everyone wants customized experience. If you are small business or startup and Your website can help you increase your website conversion then it matter a lot to you.

What is Smart UI?

Smart UI is elements that frequently being updated based on what you learn from your own customers , learn from competitors and improve your Graphical User Interface (GUI) on your website.


The usability of your Website or Web Application that you have developed often depend on how well it has been designed. Therefor it is important to make clean UI & UX that appeal users to spend more time on your application and website.

Design Simplicity: “Simplicity is the best policy”. Your front end design should be simplistic and minimalist.

Virtual progressive System : Design flow and color scheme should be in a way that user can identify the difference between important point that you want to highlight in the page. Shading, position of every element and competent should be natural progression of the message that you want to convey.

How to reap benefits of great User Interface ?

Once you are up with clean design for your website you need to keep monitor the your site visitors with tools like SumoMe , Crazy Egg etc.  Based on the that data you can re-arrange elements and Design. Good UI and UX are continues process that need to evolve as you have more data and knowledge about it.

Resources for Startups and SMBs

Do you want to improve your online business for your startup or Small Business (SMBs)? Here I will discuss about few points which can help you to improve your online visibility. Your business Website is virtual front door of your business. You need to make sure your website impresses site visitor and generates leads for you.

Business Idea

If you are budding Entrepreneur and wanting to start new business Here is a list of 4 Quick Start Business Idea to start your own business .This will give you idea about how you can find new opportunities to start business.

Free WordPress Consultation

Do you want help with your WordPress Website?  Take Advantage of Free 7 Days WordPress Consultation by Alphanso Tech.You can migrate your existing WordPress Website to new 4.4.2 version , you can do SEO Audit of your WordPress Website and many other things. Contact them today to get this offer.

Website Speed

You don’t want your website to take ages to load and deliver bad user experience. Here is an Awesome resource by Alphanso Tech on How to Speed up Website to Improve Conversion.This Blog will help you understand the things which you can do to improve your website loading speed which will lead you better conversion and user engagement.

Startup Growth Stages

It’s important to understand the stages of startup. You need to identify the area in which your business is in and prepare for the next growth phase of your startup.



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